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CSA Comics is a family run business. Inspired by the Roman brothers, David Roman eventually established and incorporated CSA Comics LLC. Their love for comic books can be traced back to their childhood. All three brothers shared talents in drawing and painting and have always been fascinated in the different comic book drawing styles, inking techniques and imaginary story-lines. Buying, reading, and collecting comic books has always been their passion. As children, their favorite game was to have drawing battles… where each brother would draw characters with scenes, and battle each other through story- telling and quick sketches….which would go on for hours!

After turning 18, each brother left home to continue and pursue further education. Mark joined the Military and became a Graphic Artist, Roman moved to Austin to attend UT Austin and graduated with a BA in Studio Art to become an abstract/surrealist artist, and David also joined the military, later became a well-known mural artist, and ran successful businesses. Although each brother chose different paths and had different art styles, their one common interest was a love for comic books.

The inspiration for authenticating came when they realized that signature authentication was not offered in the comic book industry (even though comic book publishers authorize artists, writers, and creators to sign their comics at conventions). There are hundreds, if not thousands, of signature authenticators for multiple hobbies such as sports memorabilia, presidents, celebrities, actors, authors of books, etc... but none for comic books.

In 2010, the brothers attended Chicago's C2E2 Comic Con. While standing in line to get their comics autographed by their favorite artists, and talking with other fans in line, they decided to follow through with their comic book signature authentication plans! After the convention, the three brothers began planning their dream to offer comic book signature authentication services, and in 2012 that dream became a reality!

CSA Comics LLC brings a unique spin to the autograph collecting industry. While there are many excellent authentication companies that authenticate signatures in a wide variety of collectible hobbies, CSA Comics makes it a point to ONLY authenticate comic book creators signatures (this includes signatures of artists, writers, inkers and creators). The staff at CSA Comics brings over 75 years of combined comic book and signature collecting experience. By focusing all their experience and efforts in comic book signature authentication, they provide the highest levels of quality and service in the business!

David Roman: President, Authenticator and Developer for CSA Comics. David has always had a passion and love for comic books, animation, anime, manga, and comic art since the early 1980’s and specializes in Jack Kirby signatures/aliases. David was always interested in many styles of art; from comics to classical paintings. He became a professional canvas and mural artist in 1999. By 2002, he became one of the top Texas muralists and won numerous awards for his classical and realism style of murals. His knowledge and application of different media adds to CSA’s ability in distinguishing the difference between reproductions (copies) and genuine art. He also served in the US Air Force during the 1990’s where he gained valuable experience in Law Enforcement and Records. There he had the privilege to work with the FBI and OSI where he became well versed in the chain of evidence technique used in the presentation of forensic evidence (also used in signature authenticating) to US Courts using expert witnesses. In 2000 David developed a technique called Character Signature Mapping (CSM). This simple technique is a valuable tool used to map the initial stroke, terminal stroke, spacing, angles, crests and troughs. David brings over 23 years of experience and is also a member of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC).

Hamilton Hartfield: Vice President, Authenticator, Social Media/ Marketing. Hamilton brings an eclectic appreciation for different comic book genre, but specifically Marvel and Indie titles. Hamilton also collects variant covers, exclusives, original art, and comic book creator signatures. He has been collecting comic books and attending comic conventions since 1991, brings over 23 years of experience. Hamilton is the point of contact for Facebook and special events.

Mike Nicoletti: Authenticator, Trainer and Quality Control Coordinator. Loving comics as a small boy, Mike developed an extensive collection of golden comics age, silver age comics, original art, cards, celebrity autographs, and action figures. Mike received his Masters in Criminal Justice Leadership & Management from Sam Houston State University, his Graduate from Southern Police Institute in Louisville Kentucky, his Graduate from Leadership Command College, and his Graduate from the Southwest Legal Foundation. Mike is a career Law Enforcement officer and has served in several different capacities. As a Homicide Detective/Chief of Police, he received extensive training in handwriting analysis while investigating forgeries and credit card abuse cases, and has testified in numerous court cases throughout his career. Mike also received extensive training in behavioral analysis with one of his instructors being retired FBI profiler John Douglas (actor Scott Glenn portrayed a character based on Douglas in “Silence of the Lambs”). Mike’s expertise in handwriting authentication, and the behavioral motivation for forgeries, brings over 35 years of experience to CSA.

Roman:Contract IT/Webmaster


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